Gambia Red Cross Society

To enable young people and their leaders to achieve this, GRCS needs to:

  • provide national support for youth in a form appropriate for the structure and resources of the Society, such as a well-resourced youth department (VM)
  • work with its young members to develop a national youth policy which will provide the basis for all of its work with young people
  • together with its youth members analyze the needs and potential of young people in its membership and in the general community, and use this information to:
    • Involve young people in each of the society's programmes, and
    • Design educational, dissemination and training programmes for young people that promote gradual integration into the National Society,ensure that young people are involved in decision-making at every level of the society. This can be done by involving them in structures such as: youth group executive committees, branch youth committees, national youth committees, or by having youth representation on existing branch and national executive committees and working groups, etc.
  • implement a leadership training programme for both youth members and their adult leaders to ensure that both have the skills to implement this Policy
  • encourage other members at all levels to involve young people in their work, to share their skills and knowledge
  • establish contact with sister Societies to share resources, learn from one another and to provide a structure whereby young people can meet their counterparts from other countries and experience true international friendship in the spirit of the Movement
  • make special efforts, wherever possible, to encourage female youth to take more active roles especially in leadership positions

The Youth Commission, in accordance with its mandate, shall:

  • promote and assess the progress of the implement of the youth policy nationwide
  • report to each meeting of the Youth Assembly on its progress
  • seek youth opinions nationwide on the implementation of the Society's policies and programmes and ensure that these opinions are considered in the Statutory bodies of the GRCS
  • propose priorities for work in the youth programme, e.g. young women's issues, young people with disabilities, out-of-school youth, etc
  • identify where help is needed in the development of theiryouth services and structures
  • propose priority areas of work for the National Society, and in particular the VMC’s office, in line with the content of the youth policy, and taking into account all other policies and priorities of the National Society

Other youth organizations

Through cooperation with other youth organizations and networks, we can both gain knowledge and experiences, and we can disseminate the Red Crossmessage to other young people. The basis of any cooperation should be a common aimand in conformity with our Principles.


To ensure the continued relevance and progress of the youth policy, regular evaluation must be carried out at all levels of the National Society. Young people in particular should be Involved in this evaluation process. Evaluation is thus the responsibility of the young people themselves and the National Society.

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