The Gambia Red Cross Society continues to contribute to the National Health development in strengthening health care services through quality and relevant information to the communities, targeting the most vulnerable by strengthening health program activities both at national and branch level through community participation.


Improve the health status of the most vulnerable communities in the country by strengthening GRCS Community Health and Care program through appropriate scaling-up of Maternal and Child Health, Immunization, malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS and other disease prevention activities through a focus Community Based health and First Aid services.

The Health Department comprising of the First Aid, HIV/AIDS, WATSAN and Health Prevention and promotion units of the GRCS has been an integral part of the restructuring process of the National Society in the past few years. The initiation of viable health program activities that will enable the NS to response to the government call to improve the health of the Gambia Population has been the basis of all Health activities. The National Society has extended her collaboration with partners of similar interest in Health promotion and protection. Over the year a maximum success has been achieved in widening out scope in terms of partnership with both national and international organisation in the country with interest on health prevention and promotion.

First Aid Activities

The GRCS is seen and known as the primary First Aid service provider in the Gambia. It is this unit under the Health Department of the GRCS that train institutions on First Aid and safety standards. The GRCS also train its volunteers across the country through the branch offices. The GRCS is known for timely and accurate response to First Aid services throughout the country. 

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