The National Society

The Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) was established by an act of parliament as a voluntary relief organization, auxiliary to the public authority, particularly to the Medical Service of the Armed Forces in accordance with the Geneva Conventions. The GRCS started as a branch of the British Red Cross in 1948, and became a recognized independent National Society (NS) in 1966 when the government of The Gambia ratified the act. The GRCS has several thousands of members and active volunteers.

The statues were last reviewed and approved at the General Assembly in 2010. The national office is located in Kanifing; there is 22 full time staff at the office (October 2009). There is a branch office in each of the administrative regions and municipalities; they are managed by a branch officer bringing the total number of staff to 29.
The GRCS was recognized by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent IFRC in 1974 and the International Committee of Red Cross ICRC in 1975. In all its actions is guided by the vision and mission as well as the Red Cross Movement seven basic fundamental principles. In relations to the public authorities, The Gambia Red Cross maintains its autonomy, which allows it to act at all times in accordance with the fundamental principles of the Red Cross Movement.


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