Our vision and Mission

Dissemination and Humanitarian Values

Dissemination is the spreading of information and knowledge of International Humanitarian Law and of the fundamental principles and ideals of the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement so that they may be understood, accepted and respected, it is also intended to facilitate humanitarian work a sort of education and propaganda of ideas, information on movement activities.

The term Dissemination was officially adopted in 1921 at the 10th international Conference held in Geneva Resolution XVI. Secondly, dissemination is a statutory and institutional obligation for the Movement. Dissemination consists both in training people and informing them as in mass communication and all disseminators must therefore have certain qualities, the most important of which are: Experience in humanitarian work, theoretical knowledge, teaching experience and motivation in the mechanism of communication.


The GRCS will continue to promote the fundamental principles and humanitarian values to ensure a better understanding, respect and application of the ideas and principles of the movement, the Geneva conventions and international Humanitarian law and the role of the Gambia Red Cross Society.

The Humanitarian values, ideals, concepts and principles of the Red Cross movement and the dissemination of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), are targeted for immigration, paramilitary, police, the military and prison officers, media personnel, government officers, religious and community leaders and volunteers. This will equip the security forces and other partners on the ideals of Humanitarian Values and will pave the way for renewed relationship and collaboration with the security forces and influential community members.

In institutional development, we will ensure that the GRCS has a strong legal foundation and leadership, a positive and good national and international reputation, effective human, financial and material resources and an efficient organization capable of rendering appropriate services to the most vulnerable.

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