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Internal Regulations

In line with Article 41 of statutes of the Society (adopted by the 1993 General Assembly) and other approved policies of the Society, the Internal Regulations of The Gambia Red Cross Society will regulate and direct both Governance and Employees of the Society in the proper conduct of their duties and responsibilities.

Twining Co-operation/Independence Camp Between The Gambia Red Cross and The Senegalese Red Cross Society

On the 16th of February 2011, a thirty-four (34 )man delegation arrived in the Gambia from the Senegalese Red Cross Society, the team  comprises of 30 volunteers, two drivers and two officials for a five days International Camp. The purpose of the gathering was to look into the twining programmes that have existed for the past decades and also to take part in the country’s 46th Independence Anniversary Celebration, as agreed in the Accord Protocol signed between the two National Societies.  Volunteers from the Gambia were thirty-two (32)   which sum up to a total of sixty-six (66) participants.

Latest Updates

8 May 2011
World Red Cross Day
The World Red Cross Day observed or celebrated all over the world by National Societies in different forms and styles, this year the Gambia Red Cross with the volunteer drive campaign in mind, assembles about 200 volunteers in  Central River Region- CRR to commemorate the day.

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