Access to Safe water, basic Sanitation and improved hygienic practices are associated to personal dignity, self confidence and enhance effective contribution to national development.

The Gambia Red Cross Society therefore, is working with the community people to enhance their dignity, self confidence that will enhances their effective participation to the national development through effective participation in the joint Sp/GRCS Watsan project that aimed to improve the access to safe supply water, basic sanitation and hygienic and sanitary habits in five villages of Central River Region:

These activities are conducted in the homes and communities of Bulbuck Tombong Jawo in the niani district, Yona Musa in the sami district, Sinchu Yusupha Cham in the lower saloum district, Medina Duta Wally and Sare Pateh Jawo in the upper saloum districts in the Central River Region.

Key activities that enhanced this objective include:

  • Conduct of needs assessment to measure a base-line project
  • Conduct of a geological assessment and study for the construction of boreholes.
  • Drilling of 4 new bore holes, construction of 5 super structures and installation of 5 new PB. Mark II hand pumps in each of the 5 villages. 
  • Constitution of 5 water and sanitation management committees.
  • Training of these community based structures in group management to enhance effective operation, management and sustainability
  • Building of 90 new family latrines in 45 structures to improve excreta disposal in the 5 communities.
  • Purchase 1100 units of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLITNS)
  • The distribution of 650 units (LLITNS) mosquito nets in all the five communities and three health facilities in the Central River Region.
  • Development of a training manual for the GRCS volunteers
  • Building the capacity of the Volunteers of the Gambia Red Cross Society as a focal point for community sensitization about health, water, sanitation and hygiene.
  • Net working and partnership with other partners (state and non state actors) in the region.

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