Youth Policy Statement

Policy statement

Young people have a key role to play in the provision of the Society's services. Young people havae contributed over the years as an exceptionally good volunteer force within the Society. Again and again, they have worked hard in relief operations, emergency services and development programmes. They are in an ideal position to identify the needs of young people and others within the community. They develop and carry out programmes, and see ways and means of reaching other young people in need. They add credibility to the Society's work with many groups.

Young people are an important target group, both in the membership and in the wider community. To succeed in many of its programmes, the Society needs to work directly with young people. Many health programmes have young people as their main"clients". Young people are one group among others that are most threatened by disaster, underdevelopment and war. Young people have a role in the leadership and management of the Society of today. When fully involved in decision-making and in leadership, both in their own affairs and throughout the Society, young people bring not only their experiences but also a special creativity and idealism which complement the maturity of other members. Young people of today will lead the Society of tomorrow.

In many National Societies, the leaders of today were the youth members of a generation ago.When young people work side by side the older members of the Society in service programmes, emergency actions and the management of the Society, they rapidly acquire the skills which will enable them to lead the Society of the future. Young people need support.

Young people can sometimes be marginalized within society because of their social position. If we are to realize their full potential within our Society, special support in the form of youth programmes and structures must be put in place.


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