Youth Strategies

In accepting this policy, each of the category or group in the Gambia Red Cross Society Youth has a number of tasks to perform.

Youth members should:

  • To promote the message and provide the services of the Gambia Red Cross Society to the most vulnerable, their peers and to the rest of the community
  • To recruit members to the Society
  • To inform the National Society of their needs, interests and abilities
  • To use their peers and family contacts, to identify areas where the Gambia Red Cross services are needed
  • To be prepared to take on responsibility within the National Society.

Youth leaders should:

  • Help young people to identify their needs and those of their communities
  • provide the necessary training and resources and motivate young people to meet these needs
  • encourage young people to take a leadership role in the youth group
  • act as a link and an enabling young people to work with other members at different levels of the Society
  • create an atmosphere where young people can be full partners in the Society

Youth representatives should:

  • Take responsibility and initiative with the Society by developing or participating in the development of policies and programmes for youth members
  • Be a partner in the management of the National Society by taking part in policy and programme development.


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