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Today The Gambia Red Cross Society is the major first aid provider in The Gambia. This started since the inception as a branch of the British Red Cross in 1948. The Gambia Government ratified and acceded to the Geneva conventions in 1965. It became an Independent National Society on 1st October, 1966 through an act of parliament cap: 51:10 of laws of The Gambia. On the 10th November 1974, the Society was recognized as the 122nd member of the International Red Cross Movement and was admitted to the league of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies now called the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies on 29th October, 1975. With its objectives to prevent and alleviate human suffering with complete impartiality, making no discrimination as to nationality, race, ethnicity, age, gender, religious beliefs, class or political opinion. In the 21st century, The Gambia Red Cross Society reaffirms its commitment to first aid within the changing context of global health.

The Gambia Red Cross Society humanitarian commitment, to prevent and alleviate human suffering, is a task with which young people easily identify themselves. In their actions, young people can make a significant contribution to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable people within their local communities and globally. Gambia Red Cross youth make up a substantial part of the Society's membership nationwide.The Gambia Red Cross Society has regularly recognized the importance of this group.

This policy will help the National Society to plan for the development of the Gambia Red Cross youth, to use the motivation and idealism, experience and skill of the young people for the benefit of the society.

This policy describes the role of each of the partners involved in the Gambia Red Cross in ensuring that this important group of people is recognized and supported.

Everyone has a role to play in this:

• Young people themselves
    • Youth leaders and representatives
    • National Society
    • Its Youth Commission and
    • Youth department (Volunteer Management Office)

The terms ‘youth’ and ‘young people’ are taken to cover the broad age range of 13 to 35 years. This includes children (5 to 12 years old approximately), adolescents (13 to 19 years old approximately) and young adults (20 to 35 years old approximately).

Traditionally, children and younger adolescents have tended to be the ‘beneficiaries’ of the Society. They should also have the opportunity to serve the society as volunteers and/or members. Older adolescents, and in particular young adults, Fake Rolex watches benefit from the programmes of the Society, but in the Gambia these young people have children of their own, have left school, and are working or unemployed. Their main role within the Society is as partners in its management and as workers in each of its programmes.

Vision: Alleviate human suffering through the power of humanity

Mission: Ensuring the availability of the required resources and improving the situation of the most vulnerable through the power of humanity.

Motto: Serve One Another

The Gambia Red Cross Society Youth Programme

The Gambia Red Cross Society youth programme aims to involve young people in the Society and its activities as partners in the management, as workers and as beneficiaries.This programme helps young people to implement the Fundamental Principles of the Movement through:

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