Climate Change

Climate change is of great concern not only to scientist but also humanitarian institutions. The increases in disasters worldwide due to climatic conditions are taking its toll on human lives and property. This new phenomena poses a difficult challenge for humanitarian organizations like the Red Cross movement and this affects the work of the Red Cross. Based on the outcome of a vulnerability and capacity assessment, there will be an integration of climate activities into existing programmes. Community based resilient programme will be developed and implemented at community levels with the involvement of stakeholders and community members. 

Food Security

The Gambia is among the countries identified as high risk food insecure economic zone by the National hazard profile of The Gambia 2005, Joint Assessment mission, JAM, food security assessment reports of 2007 and 2008. It is identified that there are more vulnerable socio-economic groups in the Gambian communities. GRCS is operational with communities since 2004 on food security intervention. There are existing infrastructures at the community level. Stakeholders are aware of these structures and have supported hand in this drive.






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