Finance as a support function plays a very important role in the National Society.   It is the Department where the financial records of the Gambia Red Cross Society are maintained, ensuring that all financial resources and assets of the National Society are properly accounted for, and managed in a prudent and cost effective manner that helps the Society achieve its objectives.

The backbone of sound financial management is the practice of good accounting policies, Manual, procedures and controls; and one of the key responsibilities of the Finance Department is to make sure that is achieved and the National Society complies to such policies and procedures. 
Prudence, cost consciousness, value for money and keeping to national and international accounting standards are among the guiding principles that help the Department achieve these objectives. 

Finally, to help Management and the Governance make informed decisions in a timely manner, the Finance Department endeavours to provide at all times, financial information and reports that are based on substantiated evidence.  This requires the continuous cooperation and support of all other departments and units of the National Society, as team work is critical to our overall success as a National Society.

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