Logistic Review


The Gambia Red Cross Society has a fleet of 7 vehicles all 4x4. Branch offices in Bjl, Km, WCR, and the regional districts are all allocated with motorcycles (7in no) for their office transaction. Vehicles are one of the very important tools used by the GRCS staff when carrying out core duties. GRCS also offers nationwide services and its vehicles are used during operations.

The logistics team has been rendering its services in delivering assistance to target beneficiaries in flood prone regions and man- made disasters, partners and volunteer activities. Vehicles also go on trek as far as the Casamance region and Dakar.

As part of the preparedness for disasters the Gambia Red Cross Society has a ware house in its headquarters which can store relief items for 300 families at a given time. The presence of the warehouse at the Headquarters ensures availability and quick accessibility to non-food relief items in the fight against disasters.

The warehouse mainly stores non food relief items such as blankets, mosquito nets, bar soap, used clothes, tents, blankets, tarpaulins, jerricans, kitchen sets etc. These items are distributed to those affected by natural and man-made disasters countrywide. Items donated by well wishers in response to the various appeals launched are also stored in the warehouse.

The warehouse also stores food items in case of food emergencies and other humanitarian crises. These items are mostly donated to the national society and due to their perishable nature they are normally distributed to the beneficiaries not long after they are donated.

Each of the seven branches of the national society is also equipped with a store that caters for 15 families where pre position stocks are kept.  This is done to enhance the quick response and to ensure that those affected by disasters and other humanitarian crises are attended to in the shortest time possible. The warehouse is secure and undergoes frequent checks and balances to ensure that the stocks are in order, as well as fumigated to protect the items from possible insects and pests.

We also have a First Aid store that is responsible for supplying hundreds of First Aid kits and items to Branches and to other institutions and organizations that require them. These First Aid items are used frequently during disasters and other emergencies such as road accidents, fire incidences, as well as during National Days

However, the stores/warehouse needs rehabilitation in order to meet the requirement of a warehouse.

The logistics team is however faced with series on constraints and is looking for possible solutions for the smooth running of its daily activities. It also seeks to expand its level of support country wide by reviewing the number and locations of its RLUs, stock and sub regional stock location.

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