Strategies and Core Action Areas

Strategy 1: Strengthen the capacity of GRCS in effective management of information dissemination.

  • Capacity building of the human resource base of the NS on information management.
  • Establishment and dissemination of a clear communication procedure and policy for effective communication at all levels.
  • Establishment of a floating file and a well manage website for effective communication and information sharing.
  • Coordination and integration of dissemination in all programme activities.

Strategy 2: Establish an effective and efficient tracing network.

  • Establish Restoring Family Links (RFL) guide and build the capacities of volunteers.
  • Creation of RFL teams in all Branches and train volunteers on RFL strategies, procedures and the management of mortal remains.
  • Disseminate RFL services to volunteers, members, relevant authorities and potential beneficiaries among the general public through mass media.
  • Establishment of a call centre at Head Office and Branches during emergencies for effective information sharing on the missing.
  • Provide temporal shelter, feeding, traveling cost and communication for families that are to be reunited.

Strategy 3: Advocate and sensitize for the respect of the International Humanitarian Law by all stakeholders.

  • Advocate for and integration of humanitarian values and knowledge of International Humanitarian Law in the security forces curriculums.
  • Sensitization sessions for the National Assembly members, teachers, and senior security forces.
  • Organize seminars and public speeches on International Humanitarian Law among the tertiary institutions in the Gambia.
  • Organize open day sessions in selected senior secondary schools in all regions of The Gambia.
  • Sensitize through mass media campaigns to the general public on International Humanitarian Law.

Strategy 4: Educate all stakeholders on the Red Cross Humanitarian values and the seven principles.

  • Develop and sensitize a dissemination training manual on the ideals and values of the Red Cross Movement.
  • Dissemination the principles and humanitarian values through the NS web site, newsletters and other electronic means.
  • Disseminate the roles, relevance and significance of the principles and humanitarian values to the general public through the use of mass media.

Strategy 5: Sensitize and ensure the respect for the usage and protection of the Red Cross emblem.

  • Update laws of The Gambia pertaining to ensure the protection of the Red Cross emblem and made punishable any defaulter.
  • Sensitize the general public through the use of the media on the usage, misusage and protection of the Red Cross emblem.
  • Take decisive measures against misuse of the Red Cross emblem in day to day work of the society.

By: Lamin Gassama  GRCS Dissemination Coordinator.

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